Consulting and Technical Services

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Investment solutions

επένδυσηWe are always up to date with the current developmental programs and subsistences available for investors.
Therefore if you wish to make a new investement or would like to expand your existing business, we will guide you through your different choices and help you materialize them!

Our services include:

  • Business Plan creation catered to your business and the investment opportunity.
  • Adaptation of the Business Plan to current subsistence/financing programs (eg ESPA).
  • Recommendation on financing solutions.
  • All necessary technical studies required for the applications.
  • Preparation, issueing and management of all the necessary applications required for subsistence/financing.

Legal services

Our specialist legal consultants know every detail of the Renewable Energy Legal system and are always up to date with the trends in the energy sector in both national and international level. We are therefore in the position to support you on your every step.

Our sevices include:

  • Legal support of all licencing procedures for renewable energy projects.
  • Your legal representation at all govermental agencies
  • Your legal representation in any dispute

Project management

The experienced team of ZEIS take any project from conceptual design through to installation based on your specific needs.

company1Technical services

  • Feasibility study
  • Shading & Efficiency Study
  • Simulation of performance for installations
  • Performance optimization
  • Static & Wind Study
  • Mechanical Design 2D-3D modeling
  • Electronic Design
  • Energy audit of buildings
  • Automation of Energy Systems